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Traditional and Reach and Wash System Window Cleaning


S.P. Window cleaners still use traditional window cleaning techniques every day and there will always be a place for the traditional squeegee and applicator pad but we also use the reach and wash system up to 65foot for those hard to reach or high jobs that u just cant get with a ladder?
My window cleaning prices are calculated on:
  • How many windows
  • What type of windows they are (eg. Plain, leaded, Georgian, Tinted etc.)
  • Window size
  • Where they are in the house (e.g. which floor, and difficulty to reach etc.)

Inside Window Pricing

I can give you a price for washing the inside of your windows as well. Assuming your inside windows are easy to get to, and you have cleared away the ornaments, obstructions etc.

Please contact us for a no-obligation free quotation.